Pick Up Information

Pick Up Information

Paperwork: I'm so excited for you all to meet your new pups.  We had vet visits today for their checkups and everyone was great. I will give you copies of that vet paperwork when you get here.  I will also give you AKC registration, copy of sales contract, my receipt from the vet, microchip paperwork, health record (wormings and vaccination) and then a list of FAQ's.  

Arrival: When you get close, please text me 512-925-0561 or Regina. (She works with us and many of you have already met her).  When you arrive, you can push the call button at the gate.  You will have two options... call kennels or call house.  You can push either one...they both call me and Regina so that we can open the gate.  Please be sure to stay back, as the gate will swing towards you. 

Payment: Please be sure to have the remainder of your balance in either cash, cashiers check or money order.  Money orders and cashier's checks should be made payable to: Casey Killough

Traveling:  I think puppies love to be cuddled and held on their way to their new families.  If you choose to crate them in the car, that works too.  I do HIGHLY recommend NOT stopping to let your puppy potty at any random gas stations or high traffic areas.  Your puppy has had its first set of shots, but you do not want to risk them picking up a virus from another dog that could have recently visited that area.  If your puppy starts whining, it may need to potty.  I usually use a puppy pad in the back of my SUV for that purpose (on long trips) when traveling with a puppy that hasn't had all 3 sets of shots.  It's not worth the risk!

Feeding:  At pickup time the puppies will be used to eating twice a day... am/ pm.  I am offering them about a cup at each feeding.  Some of them will gobble all of that up, others eat a little slower.  Feed rations will increase as your puppy grows up.   We are feeding a puppy LAMB formula, 4 Health brand, available at Tractor Supply.  If you change to another brand, just do it gradually.  (We have found that goldens tend to do much better on LAMB.  Many Goldens have issues with Chicken based formulas.  To prevent any issues we go straight to LAMB.)

Water: Should be available at ALL times. 

PICKUP SCHEDULE:  Please text me your confirmation on what day/time you are wanting to come to pick up. Then I will text you back to confirm that time works.  We try not to have two people at the exact same time, so that we can answer any questions and make sure everyone has the amount of time they want (plus Covid stuff). We typically invite people into our home, but we will try to do everything outside weather permitting to maintain social distancing. With Regina's help, we can do pickups during the week. I work at the school, she comes out a few times a day to check on our dogs. She would be happy to be available during the week if it helps with your schedule.