Our Dogs

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Dog & Puppy Health

Puppies all go to the vet for their pre-sale checkups. We work very hard to make sure all of our puppies are in excellent health. The weeks of work we spend ensuring that our puppies are in the best of health, pays off. After years of breeding, we have worked with our vet to come up with the perfect breeding, whelping and preventative care plan. ALL puppies are cleared prior to leaving for their new homes. They are all wormed multiple times, and have fecal done at vet checks. Puppies have their first set of puppy shots. AND they are always cleared by our vet at their routine screening for heart murmurs, joint stability, umbilical hernias, vision screening and hearing checks.

We can only guarantee that we have done our very best to breed healthy and genetically sound puppies. We do EMBARK testing on our breeding dogs to prevent breeding dogs with genetic conditions that effect overall health of the offspring. Currently EMBARK testing does not certify joints, but other neurologic and breed specific concerns. This genetic testing along with a thorough vet check prior to selling the puppies (along with keeping their environment clean here), is our best effort to ensure you get a healthy puppy.